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Making it on his own

Tue March 21

Nick Roberts listed only one person as his coach for these Commonwealth Games – himself. Born and raised in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Nick has gotten used to getting things done by himself in the gym.
He started lifting seriously about five years ago when his uncle, Bert Squires, a famous Newfoundland weightlifter, dropped by his house and suggested he start. He had been training with weights as a hockey player and he picked up the sport quickly.
“It would be nice to have a coach. The biggest thing is I have to make all the mistakes myself and then learn from them to get better. Sometimes it would be a lot easier to have someone help me make a training plan and know that it was the right way to go.”

He is currently studying kinesiology at Memorial University and although he thinks about getting a coach, he's not rushing into anything.
“I want it to be the right fit, not take a chance that it wouldn't work out.”

So far, he's doing pretty well on his own. Making the Commonwealth Games team has been his biggest achievement in sport and Nick has Olympic aspirations after his time in Melbourne is over.