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Team mascots sprint for bragging rights

Thu March 23

After being called a “chicken” and having his mere existence questioned by his Scottish and Canadian competitors a few days before, official Commonwealth Games mascot Karak finally made an appearance for a mascot 100m race Thursday in Melbourne.

Karak, an Australian red-tailed black cockatoo, was in the starting blocks for the sprint which was won by Zambia's Golden Eagle in a wind assisted time of 19.06.
Rounding out the top three were Derek the Dinosaur, from St. Lucia and Doug the Dog, from Scotland. Karak did not complete the race and fell over about half way to the finish line.

“The Golden Eagle showed-up in great shape and caught me off guard,” said Canoose, the Canadian entrant. “I should have known he would fly-out of the blocks. As for Karak, I think the strong wind blowing at our backs clearly knocked him off balance.”

Approximately 300 spectators were in the Athletes Village International Zone for the race. Other competitors included Gary the Viking, representing the Isle of Man, Matilda the Kangaroo, representing Australia, Ddraig (Welsh for Dragon) competing for Wales, the Lion from Cameroon, Dashing Dotty from England, and Rob the Smurf representing the Athletes Village Workforce.

“I'm setting my sights on 2014,” added Canoose. “I'm still a young goose and this international experience should help me out in the long run.”