The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth, a voluntary association of 54 nations, derives from the terms "common" and "wealth". It is built on a foundation of values and principles that respect the liberty of the individual. The Commonwealth is held together by shared principles for governance and a commitment by all members to creating a peaceful, equal, and prosperous world.

Commonwealth nations believe:

  • that international peace and order are essential to the security and prosperity  of humankind;
  • that racial prejudice is a dangerous sickness that must be obliterated;
  • that no form of colonial domination and racial oppression can be tolerated;
  • that wide disparities in wealth can not be accepted; and finally,
  • that international cooperation is essential to remove the causes of war, promote tolerance, combat injustice and secure development among all peoples in the world.

Commonwealth members understand that sport is a powerful tool to achieve the Commonwealth goals:

Emeka Anayaoku

“We invest in sport for what it is and for the enrichment it gives our lives: it represents a central part of human nature and, more broadly, a social movement ...Sport plays a very significant role in providing youth with opportunities to pursue personal excellence, broaden their experience and develop leadership skills and qualities such as team spirit and fair play. We must, therefore, continue our efforts to enhance opportunities for young people to participate in sport.”

- His excellency Chief Emeka Anayaoku, Commonwealth Secretary General, 1990-2000

Commonwealth Games Canada is committed to the values and principles of the Commonwealth and to using sport as a vehicle to achieve these goals.

Visit the Commonwealth Secretariat website for more information on the
Commonwealth and what they do.

Children of all ages can now learn about the Commonwealth too  Read up and then take the quiz.  Let us know how well you do.