Canada Wins Gold Medals in Serbia

Canada Wins Gold Medals in Serbia

By Raquel Ruiz

The male elite team gave a powerful performance in Belgrade last week with a brilliant closing on Sunday. Two gold medals hang around the necks of 64Kg Yves Ulysses Jr. and 91Kg Samir Elmais.

The 51st edition of the Belgrade Winner tournament, April 18th to 21st, received five boxers from the Maple Leaf country ready to show that no matter it was the only team from the Americas Continent and with two less members that weren’t able to make the trip, they managed to stay focused and win two championships.

The team was going to Belgrade with seven boxers, 52Kg Emilien Boucher, 56Kg Kenny Lally, 64Kg Yves Ulysse Jr., 69Kg Custio Clayton, 75Kg Brody Blair, 81Kg Jonathan Savard, and 91Kg Samir El Mais. Unfortunately, Clayton’s grandmother passed away last Monday and Savard had to pull out due to an injury occurring during training. 

The two championship bouts were won by a large point margin not leaving any doubt for the judges.

Light Welter (64Kg) Yves Ulysse Jr. defeated Lewis Benson from Scotland 13:5 and Heavy (91Kg) Samir Elmais defeated Arbec Abduganiyev from Kazakhstan 17:6.

According to the Serbian Boxing Federation, 72 men boxers from four continents competed in nine weight categories from 52kg to the Super Heavyweight (91+kg).

In the last edition of the event France and Russia dominated the competition both winning three gold medals in Belgrade. But in this occasion Canada imprinted its stamp not only in the results but also in the eyes of the attendance.

“Yves and Samir had their best performance with the National Team. They were in control in all their bouts,” said Daniel Trepanier, Boxing Canada High Performance Director and head coach.

But it wasn’t  only the winners that showed great improvement of the Boxing Canada team.

“The entire team represented Canada proudly during the tournament.” Said Mark Collins, assistant coach.

Boxers and coaches are off to Poland today for another four days of competition at the Feliks Stamm Tournament in Warsaw, from April 22 to 27. Two female boxers will join them, 51Kg Mandy Bujold and 75Kg Mary Spencer. 64Kg Arthur Biyarslanov is also on his way to Poland.

“The Boxing Canada plan is starting to show great results. The hard work of our personal and National coaches in the gym with their athletes is why we are improving. We will continue to see progress thanks to the dedication of all of our coaches in every gym in Canada,” said Pat Fiacco, Boxing Canada President.