FLASH QUOTES - Anqi Luo on table tennis bronze in women's doubles with Mo Zhang

CAN 3 ENG 2 [after being down 2-0!]

I think me and Mo, we fought to the end, we never gave up and that’s how we won.

I just told myself to play one by one and just relax and enjoy the game because it’s our last one and it’s great to be here. We really enjoyed it. We never gave up. Both of us really fought in the third set and I think it worked.

Mo and I got more and more chemistry throughout the Games. We kind of like, became one person when we played doubles. Her playing style and my playing style, we match each other’s so it’s a really good match.

One advantage for us is Mo has been playing them several times before and me and Andre played against them in the mixed doubles so I know their spin, so that really helps.

This is my first time getting a medal in the Commonwealth Games and my first time reaching semifinals.