Alumni Program

Around the country, former Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) people want to stay in touch with our organization, reconnect with former colleagues and make valuable contacts through the Commonwealth Games Canada Alumni Program.

People who leave CGC are never truly "lost" to our Organization. Most value the time they spent with us: the friends they made; the things they learned and the opportunities it provided to them. CGC is proud to have been a part of so many lives and would cherish the opportunity to continue the relationship through the CGC Alumni Program!

The objective(s) of the Alumni program is to create an engaged community.  A well run Program can serve a number of important purposes, such as:

  1. Allow for alumni interaction and networking;
  2. Promote feelings of affinity and loyalty towards CGC and to foster a lifelong relationship with the Commonwealth Sport Movement;
  3. Encourage alumni to become engaged through volunteerism:
    1. Organize special events which are fun and exciting;
    2. Mentorship Opportunities;
    3. Increase awareness, raise the profile and enhance the reputation of CGC and work that we do (Speakers Program, Schools Program);
    4. Provide support for awards
  4. Assist in finding "lost alumni


To become a CGC Alumni Program member simply email to: “" with the subject line "Count Me In".


Definition of Alumni:
Alumni means “persons who have been involved with Commonwealth Games Canada as a Member, Committee Member, Employee, Intern, Athlete, Coach, Official, Organizing Committee (Team Member) and who are no longer in any of those categories”.

When do you become an Alumni, but you must request membership into the Group:
Members:             At the AGM that is your last official function
Employees:          Last day of employment
Interns/CSOs:      At the completion of your tour during debrief
Team Members:   When Games are completed and CGC Certificate distributed

Participating in the Commonwealth Games was an incredible achievement!  By virtue of your participation on Team Canada, whether recently or many games ago in 1930, when they were first born - you are now a Commonwealth Games Canada Alumnus. As a valued CGC Alumnus you are eligible to receive:

  • e-updates on news & information about the Commonwealth sport movement in Canada and abroad.
  • invitations to CGC events (reunions, Team Canada celebrations, etc.)
  • exclusive access and offers on CGC/Team Canada clothing, Commonwealth sport events tickets and packages, etc.
  • service discounts

We would love to stay in touch or reconnect with you.  CGC’s Alumni Program is a great way to keep in touch with your Commonwealth colleagues and receive exclusive benefits.

We strive to keep in touch with every CGC Alumni, if you know of any CGC athletes, coaches, officials or volunteers please encourage them to join. If you are interested in volunteering for the Alumni in roles such as; athlete mentoring, organizing a CGC event in your area, etc. please contact the CGC office. Finally, we are always interested in hearing from you - please don't hesitate to contact the CGC office with any questions or comments you may have.


Team Canada

Don McFarlane

Dr. Navin Prasad
Mission Staff
2008, 2010 and 2014

Barbara Howard Athlete


Susan Nattrass
1990, 2002, 2006,
2010 and 2014

Abby Hoffman
1962 and 1966

Louis Moustakas





















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